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De openiningsmaand Maart op Ribière



The Carp Specialist - Visvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!

Fox Edge DVD – Featuring Ribière

The Fox DVD is now out featuring a great session on Ribière. I think some of the footage is stunning and the drone shots show the water and fishing off so well. I can’t recommend it enough. You will get to see stunning carp as the lads caught some of our special fish and – yes – some big fish also. So, for tips and sheer spectacular footage it’s definitely one to watch. Available in tackle shops or online.

The Carp Specialist - Visvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!


Howler of an opening week at Ribière

Howling winds with gusts over 60km per hour and driving rain for four days was the welcome given to Ribière anglers on the opening week. This part of France has not had a lot of rain since last spring but the opening few days was non-stop rain and high winds. It took the fish a few days to settle down and the wind certainly got them moving. But, as ever, the Ribière big fish don’t go long without getting their heads down.

On form English angler Luke Edwards (Wolverhampton) took full advantage of the very English weather with a nice steady run of big fish. With four over 40lb to 47.10lb (a chunk of a fish) and two over 50lb to 54lb his session was up and running very quickly. Luke used a combination of Mainline Baits and Fox end tackle to catch the carp. Ribièreis not easy this time of year and you have to be on your game, but the rewards are there for everyone to see. Luke changed his tactics during the week as the fish started to respond to heavy and regular baiting and his mix of boilies, pellet and maize with some high attraction Mainline liquid feeds did the job.

But the fish were all over the lake. The early part of the week saw success for two of our regular French anglers, another Fox angler Julian Felleuil, fishing peg 6 getting off the mark and Alex Farfal with a stunning young scaly fish from peg 9.

The week finished with around 15 fish for the week with pegs 1,2,6,7,9 all catching. Ryan Smith in peg 3 dropping a few fish – very unlucky. So, the fish are all over the lake and I don’t think it will be long before we see a few of the fish over 60/70lb on the bank.

The Carp Specialist - Visvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!


Getting warmer, getting hot – no getting colder

The following two weeks were characterised by very inconsistent weather. After the rain of the first week temperatures rose to over 23 degrees for most of the week before going cold again with some heavy rain, before going warm and then hot again with temperatures over 20 degrees. This early spring has been very hot with no frosts and very high pressure. Not ideal conditions as the water has warmed very quickly and the fish have stayed in the upper layers and not got on the feed properly.

The fishing has reflected the conditions with some days ok and then long periods with no action. Eric van Hattem on for two weeks was extremely unlucky. A steady first week of fish then disintegrated as the weather got hotter. But he did manage some nice fish to 19.2Kg and a very nice grass carp. But not many caught this week with only three anglers fishing it was always going to be tough, but three over 40lb and some smaller fish (30lb) and a couple of small twenties, one of which I took out. We also had Black Spot lost at the net.

The third week remained difficult with only three anglers catching. A lot of first-time Ribière fishermen this week. Lee Ward managed to get some fish feeding as the hot weather turned to more carp-like conditions. Lee had fish to 50.04lb as well as a couple of 30lb fish to 38lb. But conditions remained difficult, despite the very mild weather and what looked like good conditions. For me this week should have produced but most people did not have enough bait in to get them going. Always a difficult decision when the carp have not been on it. But for me the conditions were good and the fish needed bait to turn them on. To give you an idea. I don’t think more that 100kg went in this week and it’s not enough. The following week by contrast had around 400kg going in and just look at the result.

The Carp Specialist - Visvakanties op betaalwater Ribière!


A shower of big carp for April at Ribière

March this year was a difficult period with inconsistent weather. One minute hot – up to 23 degrees – and then cold and wet. But the last week of March and into April has started with more consistent weather and the fish have started to respond to large beds of bait, with Ribière Gold Monster Fish accounting for a lot of the bigger fish.

The end of last week saw Peter Boulton from Staffordshire and fellow angler Jason from Essex put together a string of good fish as the weather moved from hot, with mega high pressure, to overcast with light rain and low pressure. Peter managed some nice fish to high 40s with a best of 48lb. Amongst others, Jason managed to capture one of the fast growing young 50lb fish at 54lb. A good weight for this time of year. The duo fished over a lot of bait (100Kg) and could have done with a few more days as the fish seemed to really come on the feed on the Friday and over the weekend as they departed.

The anglers following them in certainly benefitted as the fish continued to munch as weather conditions stayed mint for the next couple of days. Sunday was a little bit special with three fish out over 25kg/55lb and a 24kg fish. Regular French anglers Bernie Coulbeau and Michel Beaumont took full advantage. Bernie catching the stunning Black Spot at 25Kg/55.11 and then following it up with at 24kg/52.9. Mr Beaumont on peg 2 then weighed in with a magnificent fish at 26kg/57.3lb – a fish which only seems to come out once or twice per year and should be a new 60lb fish this year.

English duo, Gary Covell and Alan Viney from London, fishing pegs 8 and 9 have stolen the show though. Gary landing the big common Miranda at 25kg/56.8lb – a new PB common for Gary. The duo has gone on to catch a few more fish by only fishing at night. A tactic which seems to be becoming the best way to approach these pegs.

With the big head of fish we have, once they get going you can really get into them. Those getting the baiting right seem to be more consistent as, at the moment, the fish are looking for beds of bait. So this week has seen over 20 fish out to 26kg and we still have not had one of the very big fish out yet. With the weather set to change again I expect it won’t be long before Alex shows up

So no fish over 60lb for March but I think seven over 50lb to 58lb including one common. Plenty of fish over 40lb which is great to see. Some of the runs of big fish have been very good. I think Bernie has done the best with – 25kg, 24kg, 19kg, 18kg, 17.kg –  two over 50lb and three over 40lb.